Usual 2D Goodness

Gain knowledge from simple but informative facts created by a great mix of experts from Authors, Teachers to Mums. Coming soon Curriculum aligned content.

Augmented Content

Retain knowledge better by bringing the topic to life and use more of your senses to make relevant and important connections.

Tests and Quiz

Test your knowledge with regular multiple choice questions and a quiz in the end.


Know and improve yourself further with our quality and quantity metrics.

Have Loads of Fun

Cool 3d features

Unlock exciting action features of 3D models by answering feature questions.

Medals & Trophies

Where’s the fun if there are no medals to show for, learn and earn trophies and then see who among your friends or perhaps in the entire world has the most.

Amazing Fun Features

All work and no play, that won't be fair! We have packed and will continue packing our app with so many features like camera, 1080 roation, progress tracker, voice commands, speech mode and list goes on..

Fantastic Rewards

We are serious about Rewards, Learn and Earn points and use them to access special Avatars, games and real physical 3d models delivered to your home.

And Be Relaxed

Multi Device

We are working hard to ensure you can access Immerse on whatever the device of past, present and future, be it a tablet, mobile phone, AR/VR headsets, Laptops…

Data Privacy

We know your privacy is important to you, so we take minimal, if any, personally identifiable data, no financial data and use technology and techniques to protect the rest.

Anytime Anywhere Use

Learning today is not confined so we are making sure you can access Immerse whenever, wherever, at home, at school or at travel and on whatever is your ecosystem of choice, Apple, Google or Microsoft.

Future Ready

Worried about future learning, relax, we have got you covered. Immerse is already utilising so many of the future technologies like Cloud, Asset streaming, Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality and we will keep innovating to keep you ahead.


Get Immersed Today!

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