Hart RXR

Our engineering arm or HART RXR as it’s known today was formed in 2018 when our founder, Ankur Talwar, after years of architecting complex technology solutions, for some of the largest global organisations, but still never having that complete satisfaction with the end result, be it because of the speed of delivery, cost of delivery or the end product itself, decided to go back to his entrepreneurial roots and develop his own software solutions to address this problem. With his rich experience in the field it was not hard for him to see the transformative potential of Augmented Reality and Data Intelligence in meeting that goal.

Today, our most important asset, our small but eclectic team of visual artists, hardcore techies, solution consultants and creative souls, with tremendous support from our customers and development partners, have created AR solutions for diverse industries, which has made us part of the small set of global leaders and pioneers in this area.Our technology platforms use AR as channel of interaction, IoT as channel of connection and DI as the engine of decision.

Our philosophy at RXR is simple , technology needs to be solving real problems, democratised, empowering customers and socially responsible. We also hope to use our technology in bridging the social divide in education and in protecting the environment.

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Hart Influencers

Our consulting arm or HART Influencers was established in 2017 with the aim of providing quality consulting to organisations in A&NZ. Our focus is on providing local experts with global experience in the latest trends and technologies of the world ensuring A&NZ always remain at the bleeding edge of innovation curve. 

Our team of solution consultants bring breadth of experience and exposure gained at wide ranging working environments from the largest and most admired companies of the world to the largest of the region to some of the more dynamic and intricate environments of federal, state governments and public enterprises.

Our approach towards consulting is of providing solutions where we believe we can genuinely bring value to the table by clearly aligning our solutions with key motivators, drivers, goals and KPIs behind the investment of our clients as we would like to be the partner in their success. We like to understand the E2E process and the big picture to ensure we provide comprehensive and holistic solutions whether it is an Architecture refresh and roadmap, a Process optimization, a software (bespoke or COTS), a COE good practice and governance solution or simply an expert or advisory service.

At HART Influencers we promise to influence you with “Our Alternate” – “R Vikalp(Sanskrit for alternate)”, be it in the form of a perspective, a solution, our approach or simply to other more established names.

Our Team

Ankur Talwar

Founder and CEO



Process and Delivery

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