Immerse for Learning Institutes is a world pioneering learning platform that uses AR and other leading technologies to cultivate curiosity among children by making science education more engaging, fun and interactive.

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Immerse is recommended for 3+ age group.

Immerse Education helps with STEM learning and advancing English skills.

Immerse Education uses cutting-edge Augmented Reality & 3D technology for multi-sensory long lasting knowledge.

No, but we have included a lot of gaming elements like unlocking features by giving correct answers, moving up the leadership ladder and earn coins to buy exciting stuff from Immerse Marketplace.

Yes, there are visual indicators at all stages of the app, indicating your progress status.

Individual customers can download from app stores and Institutional Customers please contact us using details provided on our website.

Apple App Store, Google Play Store and Microsoft Store

Tablets/i-pads, Laptop/Desktops and Smart Phones(although AR features may not work on devices that can’t support Augmented Reality e.g. Android devices that can’t support ARCore or Apple devices that can’t support ARKit)

We are working on this and will soon be compatible with VR and AR devices, please keep checking our website and social media channels for latest updates.

Simply download the app from your favourite App store and tap on Create Account and you will be guided through a simple registration process.

Yes, simply use our Guest account to try, but to enjoy all the features of the app, you will have to register.

It is to enable device sharing and basic user/student management like password updates, deactivating users.

Tap or Click the appropriate login button i.e. Admin or Student, enter your credentials and you will be logged in!

Tap or Click Reset password and you will be guided through the process to reset or update your password.

You can select the logout option from menu to logout.

You can exit by pressing the back arrow button on the top right corner of the screen

Absolutely, to activate this feature, click on the lock Icon on the right of the screen and use the device specific input gestures like touch, mouse pad to interact.

Any plain surface which has distinguishable features is best suited for interacting with 3D models in Augmented Reality mode.

Yes, by clicking on the camera icon. We encourage our users to be as creative as they can be, for ideas and inspiration you can always refer to our digital channels.

Yes, you can share your photos with the 3D models through all sharing channels like chatting apps, email.

Click on your Avatar to enter the profile page and then select whatever Avatar you want and it will be applied straightaway!

Just click on the Points icon and access all the leadership boards to see what position you are on.

Click on the Coins icon to access Immerse Marketplace and use your coins to buy exciting stuff available there!

Subscription with Ads free and open access to Premium items is coming soon

Yes, we encourage our users to provide suggestions, please use Contact us form on our website or use the Comments section of your favourite app store

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